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The Power of Crowds: Bob Ruff’s Truth & Justice Podcast

The Power of Crowds: Bob Ruff’s Truth & Justice Podcast
Bob Ruff hosts Truth & Justice, the popular crowd-sourced podcast now in its twelfth season, where he and his followers seek truth and justice for the wrongly convicted.
Each season Bob asks his listeners to help him work on a new case of a potential wrongful conviction. They comb through the details in real time, hoping to discover a new angle or to re-interpret piece of evidence that the initial investigation may have missed or got wrong. Bob is adept at bringing to light new facts that just don’t add up.
Although Bob has no formal law enforcement training, he’s all in. He’s a former fire chief and arson investigator who quit his job to devote all his working hours to this podcast and to Crime Binge, a second podcast where he interviews up-and-coming true crime podcasters. Bob created Crime Binge because he believes there’s plenty of room at the table for everybody in the competitive genre of true crime podcasts and isn’t seeking to hog the limelight.
In 2018 he appeared on ABC’s award-winning newsmagazine “20/20” to discuss Sandy Melgar’s controversial conviction in Texas for killing her husband. He also appeared in 2020 in a four-part docuseries on the Oxygen channel entitled “The Forgotten West Memphis Three” which addressed a notorious cold case, the 1993 murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas.
Listen in as Bob explains to Diane and Jordan how he conducts these investigations and what drove him to enter the world of true-crime podcasts.