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Halloween Bludgeoning in Wellesley

The wealthy Boston suburb of Wellesley was shaken to its core by the grisly Halloween morning bludgeoning of Mabel Greineder. Dr. Dirk Greineder, her husband, quickly became the primary suspect. Tom Farmer, author of A Murder in Wellesley, and Bill W., a retired Massachusetts court officer, will discuss the 1999 murder and trial as well as Dr. Greineder’s claim of innocence more than twenty years later – despite the revelations about his secret, sex-fueled double life.

The Murder of Hilda Devincenzo

The sound of running, a scream, a loud bang.

In July 2013, a tenant on the first floor of a triple-decker apartment building in Chelsea, MA, a working-class town next to Boston, was concerned. After hearing the unexplained noises above his head, he hadn’t seen his landlady, Hilda Devincenzo, for four days. When firefighters entered her apartment to check, they found the 88-year old woman had been strangled and robbed.

Suspicion quickly fell on her tenant, 38-year-old Feliz Melendez, who had moved into the third-floor apartment in June. A search found a piece of Hilda’s jewelry under his mattress. But was there enough evidence for a conviction on the murder in the first degree?

The Making of a Court Reporter, Part 1

Diane Godfrey speaks candidly with Jordan Rich about her thirty years of experience as a court reporter in state court in Massachusetts. Take your seat in the jury box to hear a unique viewpoint from a true courtroom insider.

All Rise Trailer

Court reporter Diane Godfrey takes you on a wild ride through her 30 year career in courthouses throughout the Massachusetts Judicial System. A rare opportunity and unique perspective regaled from a fly on the wall. She felt it, she saw it, she heard it, she lived it, she typed it. She was there and is ready to dive deep into the depravity of the human condition. Diane has transcribed many trials for you, she invites you to take your seat in the jury box and render your verdict.