Living Unsheltered: A Survivor’s Story

Violence against the homeless is only too common and has been on the rise over the last few years. Violence among the homeless is unfortunately also frequent; the odds of a homeless person becoming a crime victim are appallingly high. Going beyond the courtroom, today’s podcast brings you onto the streets of Boston to hear what it was like to be a crime victim while “living unsheltered”, the term now used to refer to the homeless. Ginny, a former registered nurse, ended up living on the sidewalk in front of the Boston hospital where she once had a thriving career and where her mother was the director of nursing for many years. For seven years, Ginny witnessed street violence firsthand – and too often experienced it herself: “I received eight concussions as a victim of crime.” Homeless individuals, particularly women, are among the most vulnerable in society because they are very often ostracized and demonized. The segregation of the unsheltered population helps make it a breeding ground for violence. Too many Americans living “normal” lives are just one lost job, health crisis, or accident away from being homeless. Ginny will recount her struggles and how she made her way back from the streets.